Crispin Sadler’s discovery of SV Carl – hidden since 1917 at Booby’s Bay near Padstow in Cornwall

The storms that have hit the UK over the last few weeks have revealed some surprising relicts of the past. Crispin Sadler on a half term visit to North Cornwall, suspecting that the sheer power of the waves might have stripped away enough sand to show more of a shipwreck on his local beach was […]

Drain the Great Lakes Blog by Andy Davies-Coward

June 24th 2011 We’re about 70% of the way through our schedule, but maybe only 40-50% of the way through the work. Yikes! The reason we’re behind schedule is mostly because all the animations we create have to be scientifically validated. That’s scientific accuracy in addition to drama and realism ! The delays come from […]

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    Mallinson Sadler Productions (MSP) is the documentary division of Mallinson Television Productions (MTP), Scotland’s largest and most successful commercials production company. Headed up by documentary producer, Crispin Sadler, MSP is dedicated to the production of high quality films in the areas of history, science, natural history and sport.