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North America‘s Great Lakes are the largest system of fresh water on earth, wielding huge influence over the continent. Over 37 million people live by their shores in some of greatest cities in the world. This groundbreaking television program pulls a virtual plug on the huge lakes, using computer-generated imagery based on actual bathymetric data to reveal hidden secrets of their human history and changing geological past. From submerged waterfalls larger than Niagara Falls to vast trans-lake ridges and giant sand spits to extra-terrestrial craters and ominous lakebed fissures these are the Great Lakes like you have never seen before.

Mallinson Sadler Productions (MSP) is the documentary division of Mallinson Television Productions (MTP), Scotland’s largest and most successful commercials production company. Headed up by documentary producer, Crispin Sadler, MSP is dedicated to the production of high quality films in the areas of history, science, natural history and sport.