Drain the Great Lakes Blog by Andy Davies-Coward

June 24th 2011 We’re about 70% of the way through our schedule, but maybe only 40-50% of the way through the work. Yikes! The reason we’re behind schedule is mostly because all the animations we create have to be scientifically validated. That’s scientific accuracy in addition to drama and realism ! The delays come from […]

Drain the Great Lakes Blog by Dan Stevenson

8th September 2010 Arrived jet lagged and weary in Alpena, Michigan, Lake Huron and met up with the team of 4 Canadian divers, who were providing all the logistical and support systems that a pampered Nat Geo underwater cameraman might require. They have hauled an ex police launch all the way from Toronto, loaded with […]

Drain the Great Lakes Blog by Crispin Sadler

12th September 2010 Draining the Great Lakes is as awesome a project as the size of the lakes themselves. The area we had to cover, the subjects we wanted to film required a lot of planning and decision making about what was in and what wasn’t. We knew we couldn’t go everywhere or film everything! […]

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