Deep Wreck Mysteries Series One

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Deep Wreck Mysteries Series One – Britain, an island nation, has one of the richest maritime histories in the world with thousands of ships lying wrecked in her waters. Many were sunk during the time of war and are still to be discovered. Those deep below the surface of the sea have remained silent-witness to the conflict and carnage of their sinking. At over fifty metres in depth, until now they’ve been too difficult to find; too deep to dive; too dangerous to film. Now, for the first time in a series of three one hour films, in some of the best diving conditions in the world, you can descend into the deep to search for vessels believed lost forever, view them in all their glory in fantastic visibility and hear the truth about these casualties of war.

Off the coast of Cornwall three unknown German submarines have been found. Divers and experts identify the U-boats and reveal the crews’ fate for the first time, all victims of a secret British operation. And for Grieving relatives, the chance to finally pay their last respects.

In thirty seconds a plucky little Canadian corvette on convoy duty is dispatched to the sea bottom. Thirty men go down with her – but what what was the cause? Was it a German torpedo or a British mine? Was her captain guilty of gross negligence?

Attacks on vessels bearing the Red Cross are war crimes. Divers souring the wrecks of two British hospital ships in the Bristol Channel unearth uncomfortable evidence which throws a new light on enemy atrocities. In the First World War, the Germans might not have been the only ones breaking the rules.

Latest advances in survey and dive technology bring these deep-sea wrecks vividly to the screen, revealing a world of political intrigue, cover-up and atrocity.

Filmed by a top underwater camera diving team capable and experienced at diving these depths; backed up with analysis from top wreck scientists and historians; illustrated by state of the art computer graphics together with eye-witness accounts of those who took part, this fascinating collection of war wrecks sheds dazzling new light on the eerie twilight world.

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