U Boat Death Trap

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U Boat Death Trap – A submarine has been discovered on the seabed, seven miles off the coast of Cornwall. German in origin, which one is she, why is she here and what sank her?

A routine naval survey of the seabed has discovered two shipwrecks lying side by side in sixty metres of water. However it is impossible to identify the vessels or the reasons for their sinking from the surface. Only a technical dive can reveal the answers.

The dive reveals a ship so mangled that identification is impossible, but nearby is the characteristic shape of a German submarine. Which U-boat was it? What happened to its crew? Did she hit the other vessel by accident or design? Was it something completely different, a mine, perhaps, the area, after all, was near an active minefield. Is it just an eerie coincidence that the two wrecks ended up laying side by side?

Top submarine historian Innes McCartney teams up with German U boat expert Axel Niestlé in an attempt to identify the mystery submarine and establish what exactly happened. Taking detailed pictures of the wrecked submarine and trawling both British and German archives they inch towards a positive identification of the wreck.

During their research, the discovery of two more submarines only a few miles away deepens the mystery. Are they in anyway connected? Further analysis of wrecks confirms that they, too, are German U-boats from the 2nd World War, and they both show similar catastrophic damage.

With analysis from explosives experts, the cause of their demise can at last be confirmed. Their conclusion opens a whole new area of investigation, revealing a carefully planned British operation specifically targeting German U boats, an operation that has remained secret for over sixty years.

Innes and Axel, having positively identified the submarines also uncover the human cost of the loss of these U-boats. Relatives of the crews on board find out for the first time what actually happened to their loved ones. Misled as to the fate of their menfolk, they can finally pay their last respects.

Produced & Directed by
Crispin Sadler
Wayne Abbott

Sweeney MacArthur

Director of Photography
Wayne Abbott

Additional  Photography
Richard Edwards
Crispin Sadler
Dan Stevenson

Underwater Photography
Dan Stevenson

Additional Underwater Photography
Norman Woods
Rick Ayrton

Written by
Jeremy Evans
Crispin Sadler

Jim Blokland

Original Music Composed by
Peter Mundinger

Production Manager (UK)
Carolyn Naylor

Co-Producer (Canada)
Jocelyne Abbott

Assistant Producer
John Chambers

Researcher (Canada)
Laura Abbott

Researcher (Germany)
William Moult

Production Coordinator (Germany)
Anne Goltz

Production Assistant (Canada)
Jason Hailman

Sound Design and Mix
Mike Rowland

Sound Editors
James Robinson
Rudy Michael

Audio Post by
Wanted! Post Production

Wreck Artist           
Rob Ward

Visual Effects
The Studio Upstairs

Graphics and Animation
The Studio Upstairs

On Line Editing
Creative Post Inc.

On Line Editor
Peter Hordylan


Executive Producer for MSP
Simon Mallinson

Executive Producer for ITV
James Garrett

Executive Producers for History Television
Cindy Witten
Michael Kot
Steve Gamester

Executive Producer for ZDF
Nikolas Hϋlbusch

Historical Consultants
Innes McCartney
Axel Niestlé
Eric Grove, University of Salford

Archive Libraries
Imperial War Museum
US National Archives
U-boat Archive, Cuxhaven

With Special Thanks to
Explosion! – Museum of Naval Firepower
Royal Naval Historical Branch
Royal Navy
UK Hydrographic Office
Phoenix Damage Repair Instructional Unit, HMS Excellent
Chris Lowe – Atlantic Diver
Bill Smith
CodaOctopus Ltd
Doug Wright, Quinetiq
David Manley, Ministry of Defence
Gustav Poel
David Harries
Ken Holmes
Padstow Museum
DMB Marine Memorial & U995 Laboe
Möltenort Submarine Memorial
Ubbo Willms           
Gaby Holpert
Margarete  Dohrn
Dive Diseases Research Centre, Plymouth
Richard Bull
Tom Mitchell
Dave McKinnon
James Yates
Stuart Frame
Trudy Mallinson
Gillian Kelly


A United Kingdom-Canada co-production
Copyright 2006

Northern Sky Entertainment
Mallinson Sadler Productions


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