Wild Gardens

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Wild Gardens explores the South-West’s wild plants and animals both in the countryside and your own back garden.

Each programme sees ecologist Mike Dilger embark on a wildlife walk in the stunning British countryside, from the Somerset Levels to the Forest of Dean and the Cornish Coast, from Dartmoor to the meadowlands of the Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire. The series looks at the wild creatures which have adapted to an urban environment in cities like Bristol and Exeter.

Each episode explains how you can turn your own garden into a wildlife haven, providing a rich source of food and shelter. Mike explains how to create a hedge-hog friendly garden, establish your very own mini wild-flower meadow for bees and butterflies and plan the right flowers, shrubs and trees to attract various animals.

So if you’re passionate about the South-West’s rich and diverse countryside or fancy rejuvenating that old pond to attract frogs, newts and dragonflies – Wild Gardens will show you how.