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Urban – Gardens in cities are increasingly important for wildlife because of the wide range of trees, shrubs and flowers that are grown. Even the smallest garden can be a valuable site if it is managed in ‘wildlife friendly’ way. We meet some of the city gardeners who are doing this in Bristol and Exeter. Some British wildlife, like hedgehogs, really need our help. Their numbers have declined by 50% in the last fifteen years.

Yvonne Cox of Yate, near Bristol, runs Hedgehog Rescue and is trying to halt the decline. She rescues injured hedgehogs and tells us how to make a garden hedgehog-friendly – lay off the strimmer and giving up on slug pellets would be a very good start.

Wildlife expert, Chris Sperring, takes us on a wild walk around the Avon Wildlife Trust’s reserve at Brandon Hill in Bristol. We see meadows in the middle of a city and he celebrates the bramble which provides protection for birds and animals, berries in winter and flowers for bees – encourage it in your garden.

Claire Mucklow in Exeter gardens for wildlife and gives us a recipe for homemade fat cakes that birds will love.

Sparrows used to be very common in Britain and now they are threatened due, in part, to loss of nest sites. Mike and Claire put up a ‘sparrow terrace’ so that sparrows can nest together in the way they prefer.

Finally, we visit a Bristol garden in which foxes appear for food scraps every night and we even filmed a badger there too!

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